Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, July 30, 2012

My Flock, Already the Hour of Truth is Approaching the Time of Divine Justice is About to Begin!


My flock, already the hour of truth is approaching. The time of Divine Justice is about to begin. Oh! Creatures the fair cup of the wrath of God is overflowing and it is ready for pour out over nations! Woe will be heard very soon for everywhere; the creation of My Father from its entrails will groan, and the daily routine of mankind will transform in chaos and desolation. The whole humanity will know the existence of God.

Time is not time, all has begun to transform; birds will flee in disbandment very soon announcing that the peace in earth is about to finish. The people of God, whom are scattered in other countries to their original places they will come back. My flock gathers around Me and waits in silence my soon return. Sings in the sky will announce that my coming is about; I tell you that My Father has decreed His Holy Will, any time now everything will change; many will not have time to come back to God, because they let all for last hour, including their salvation.

My children, I tell you that the time already started regressive account; the days have begun to shorten more and more and it will arrive to the limit; this will be another sign that will announce you that my days are about. Sheep of My flock, pray for each other because tribulation that is coming, never before has been see it in the earth. Let your worldly concert, for I truly tell you, that no stone was left upon stone on how much you know; the course of Divine Justice will change all, everything will transform.

This world that you know has begin its transformation; watch in silence the sunrise in the morning and the sunset in the evening; share in family this last days before the night arrives, because night is desolation and cry time. Again, I tell you, woe of those women, who are giving birth in those days for no one will listen them! Tribulation will come suddenly, and many will remain in oblivion, the ground will bury them, and their souls will be lost forever.

My Divine Justice many will find with lamps off as the foolish virgins; so they will say: Lord, Lord, open to us, and I will answer them: I truly tell you, I do not know you. (Mt 25, 11-12)

Great events that will change destiny of mankind are about to begin, wealth will be lost, and with this all those who trust in it. The mankind will be whipped for the crisis of tribulation and the scourge of famine to many will devour. Oh senseless and foolish, stop accumulating treasures, because nothing will remain; the money will roll along the floor, and will be garbage that nobody will pick it up! Be prepared! so all will come suddenly, when least expected My Justice will knock on your door. When mankind feels safe, it is when at least safe will be. Then let your worries and worldly cares, rather be worry for reach the goal of your salvation. Be ready, I tell you again, for the awakening of consciousness of My Father, whom very soon will be knocking at your doors of your souls.

My little children, screams war will be heard very soon; everything is planed, nations are preparing for war and the blood of many braves will plunging into mourning the creation. Do not lose any more time making plans to short or long term, so I truly tell you nothing will come true just my world will fulfilled as written: heaven and earth will pass but my worlds shall not pass. Then be prepared my flock for the trumpets again will sound; be prepared and oil your lamps with prayer so smooth the way for my triumphant return. My peace leaves you, mi peace I give you. Repent and convert because the Kingdom of God is close. Your Master, Jesus of Nazareth, the Eternal Shepherd of sheep.

Make my messages known, sheep of my flock.

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