Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Friday, August 10, 2012

Jesus ​​Of Nazareth´s Call to His Flock.

The Upcoming New World Order to Be Established in the Earth Will Be the Government of My Adversary!


Sheep of my flock, peace to you.

The night draws near, the night is a time of justice. Hasten rebel sheep, because time is running out, do not leave your salvation until the last minute. The spiritual collapse is very close and many lukewarm will lose their faith, millions of souls will depart from my church to follow the teachings of the founders of the false church, where everything is permitted. It will be the church of perdition leading souls to eternal death. Oh, how my Vicar suffers for remaining on Peter´s chair! The intrigues and divisions are about to bear fruit, the rebels are looking for ways to dethrone the successor of Peter, to lay the false pope and thus open the doors of My Father´s House to my opponent.

How I suffer seeing the desecration of My Father´s House, my Tabernacles will be outraged and My Body will be trampled by the followers of my adversary. All of My Father's Houses will be closed and my daily worship will be suspended. The rebels will occupy my houses and make reforms; they will replace my pictures, those of my Mother and my disciples by false gods, change the doctrine of my church and replace My Body and My Blood, for a piece of bread and my daily worship, for assemblies. My children, I will no longer be there, refrain from partaking in these cults, fear not, through my Mother I will send for you priests faithful to me, who will celebrate my Holy Sacrifice and you will eat and drink the true Body and Blood of the Lamb of God.

Sheep of my flock, know that when this begins to happen you must start looking for my Mother´s shelters and places to take refuge, stay away from the headwaters of the cities and towns, because as you know, it is the time of persecutions. My children, many of you will be betrayed by your own family, and therefore should be in touch with me through my mother and my prophets of recent times, to be instructed every day on the will of my Father. Remember my word: I will strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter (Mt 26.31).

Oh, how many of those who today say to be faithful to me will abandon me and many of those who do not know me will return unto Me. This will keep my words: Many last shall be first and the first shall be last. (Mark 10.31).

Truly, I say that only those who persevere will reach the crown of life. If you turn away from Me, you risk getting lost, because the deceiver will delight you with its lies and false promises and stray you from the path and then push you to the cliff.

The upcoming new world order to be established in the earth will be the government of my adversary. Anyone who does not submit to its laws, will be persecuted, tortured and even lose their lives, all those who do not allow to be marked with the mark of the beast, will lose all their possessions, work, study, health and freedom. The new world order will take over all assets of my faithful people. There will be a census of population worldwide and the information collected will serve the new order to establish which population is Catholic and Christian, that in order to locate and then begin their persecution and extermination.

My little children will go into the hands of the state and their parents will have lost all power over them. Know then that when the census is decreed you ought to flee, I instruct you my people, before these events happen so that when they happen you are ready and nothing will take you by surprise and do not say you were not forewarned. Hence prepare my Militant Church, for the trumpets are soon to sound again: continue to pray and be vigilant, for the hour of your freedom is near. Repent and convert, organize your affairs with God and parents put your homes to order, so that when the time comes for my Justice you are ready as the sensible maidens, with you lamps lit, awake that you can dine with your Lord. My peace I leave you, my peace I give you. I am your Master, Jesus of Nazareth.

Make my messages known to the confines of the earth.

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