Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Friday, November 2, 2012

I Am the God of the Living and Not of the Dead!



My words are life and hope to my faithful people. My words fill with joy the spirit of my heritage. My words are living water that soothe the thirst of all those who seek me with a sincere heart.

I am the Living Water and anyone who drinks of this water will thirst no more. I am the Living Word and anyone who will listen and implement me will attain eternal life. I am the life I want to pour into you, my faithful children.

Follow me, fear me not, and I shall bring you to eternal paradise where no one will snatch your joy; walk with me and abide in Me, and no one shall take my peace away from you.

Sheep of my flock accustom yourselves to live with what is necessary, desire not the treasures or riches of this world, for everything will happen soon. Seek your treasure that it is I, and you will find eternal life.

Soon my children, what you call money will roll on the floor and the god of this world and with it will roll all those who worshiped it. The idols fall is about to unfold, the gods made by human hands will become ashes. The dead will bury their dead and those who turned their backs on me today, will seek me and find me not.

In anguish they will cry: Where is our God who has turned his back on us? Lord, Lord, hear us!, And there will be no God to answer.

Because if you did not have charity with me, my mother and the sent ones, if you remember not the widow and the orphan, otherwise if you aided not the helpless, or calmed not the thirst of the thirsty and the hunger of the hungry, you cannot be my children and my response will be: Depart from me!

My children, sheep of my flock, trust not in dead things, rather seek the living God in your brothers; I am the widow and the orphan, the poor, the helpless, the one with a noble heart fearful of God and who keeps his commandments. I am the God of the living and not of the dead.

Once more I say to you, straighten your ways I repeat, rebellious children, to weep not nor mourn at the hour of my Justice which will soon have its time; cling not to your vanities nor to the vanities of this very vain world for it will soon make way to a new life. Cling not to dead things; attach yourselves to nothing, that the only thing you should owe is love and mostly love and more love for your God and for your brothers. For truly I tell you; Heaven and earth will pass, but my words shall remain. All that I have said in my word will be fulfilled to the letter, may it not be too late time for many.

Again I am knocking at your door rebel children, I am about to leave, disregard not my last call, Open to me!, I wish to dine with you.

I am your Master and Shepherd, Jesus of Nazareth.

Sheep of my flock, make my messages known and propagate them.

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