Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Urgent Appeal from Mary Mystical Rose to Mankind.

All Those Who Worship the Beast and Receive His Mark Will Drink the Wine of God’s Wrath! Revelation 14, 9-10


Little children of my heart, the peace of God be with you.

The days of great trial are approaching, everything seems to be calm, but the reality is another. Already the creation began its transformation; we must get used to living in extreme weather conditions for in many places summer will be excessive and in others winter will not stop. The sun will heat the earth as never before had done; snowfalls will present where should not snowing. The highs and freezing temperatures will make unlivable many places of the earth.

The total economic collapse is coming; the currency paper will lose its value; a lot of wealth will roll on the floor, and many will go crazy to see their empires fall down. The water will scarce in many places, and thirst and hunger will take over many nations. Winds of war are approaching; the evil’s emissaries want to destabilize peace to prepare the way of antichrist, and implement on earth his state of slavery and subjugations to the nations.

The mark of my adversary has already begun to be implemented it in the population of some nations. The humankind will be deceived, and many will be lose for lack of knowledge. The promise of better coverage in medical services will make that many receive the mark, and doing so many will lose their souls. The microchip is the mark of the beast that speaks about in the thirteenth chapter of the Revelations book. I make an urgent appeal to all my faithful little children whom know the Holy Word of God and His messages to teach to all those whom walk in spiritual lukewarmness and do not know all that comes. Tell to my little children, that microchip that governors are promoting for a better quality of life is the beast’s mark; that is better to die to allow the mark, for after done there will not turning back and will lose the spirit life.

Little children do not let be subtly deceive by the sons of darkness; know the truth and the truth will set you free; hang on to your Father and your Celestial Mother; and be sure that we will not let you lose. All those who worship the beast and receive his mark will drink the wine of god’s wrath! Revelation 14, 9-10

God will send a painful sore on those who worship the beast and have his mark. (Revelation 16, 1-2) Their bodies will fill with incurable sores, they will be separate from the flock of My Son and the eternal death will be their wage.

Little children do not covet treasures and wealth of this world for very soon everything will pass, look for your true treasure that is God, and you will find the joy of eternal life. All those who enjoy wealth and material goods, I ask you to do charity with your neediest brethren, for are coming the days of the fall of god money, and will endure only your family and what you do for your brothers. Do not be attached to anything or anyone, not to glories of your wealth or your power because nothing of this will ensure life. Seek God and trust in Him so you can enjoy tomorrow the treasure of everlasting life. Your Mother who love you, Mary, Mystical Rose.

Make known my message to all mankind.

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