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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mary, Mystical Rose Urgent Appeal to God’s Children.

Little Children, in Each Rosary That You Pray Ask to God for the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart


Little children of my heart, peace of god be with you

Little children, in each rosary that you pray ask to God for the triumph of My Immaculate Heart. Pray my Holy Rosary in chain for the new successor of Peter; recall that prayer has power to destroy plans of my adversary’s kingdom, and stop the course of events. Pray the Rosary of the Flame of Love as well, for heal heart from this ungrateful and sinful mankind.

Little children, My Father wants not to see you suffer, His Mercy is moving away, do not let it go; take it as soon as possible for you can be strengthen during the Divine Justice Time that is about to begin. Invoke you guardian angel, and your custodians’ angels, that remain at you side waiting for you to realize about them for assist you in all your ways and spiritual battles.

Little children, my heart is sad, because very soon my Father’s Houses will be profaned and closed for fulfill all that is written in Daniel’s book about the abomination of temple (Daniel 12, 11). The seals of Daniel’s book have begun to open for testify the fulfillment of God’s Word.

Schism is near. Pray, pray, pray for your prayers strengthen my beloved faithful which will defend the gospel of my Son and the church’s doctrine even at the cost of they own lives. Little children be courageous, do not daunted with my Son’s enemies, remain firm and faithful in trials that overcomes. Nothing will happen to you if you trust in me. I will be your defend and your strengthen in those days.

Little children, this is the time that you should remain united at this mother for you can finish victorious in this daily spiritual combat. Accept with love this purification as it is for your good and salvation of your souls. Do not renege or curse when trials arrive; accept all, and offers it to Our Father as love’s offering and I assure you that everything will pass according with God’s Will. Little children without purification, cannot enter in new creation, remember, sin will not exist in Celestial Jerusalem.

Little children, of your prayers depends that purification days will shorter or longer, do not fear, my adversary cannot harm you if you remain united to your Heavenly Mother. There will be difficult days, but all will be easier if you trust in Our Two Hearts. Keep forward! My little children, The Glory of God is awaiting for you in the New Creation! That my maternal love remains in you, and the light of the Holy Spirit of God guide you to gates of Celestial Jerusalem. Your Mother, Mary, Mystical Rose.

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