Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mary’s Mystical Rose Call to Catholic World.

Pray for Pope Francis, Because He Will Have to Overcome Hard Trials During His Pontificate


Great events wait to humankind, the ‘awakening of consciences’ of my Father will show you the truth and will open your understanding so you will return to this world, to carry out all the missions that are pending. Each of you, my faithful children, will return to this world with a specific mission that must fulfill. My fifth dogma will promulgate after the ‘warning’, therefore fear not, everything will happen according to the Will of my Father.

Pray for Pope Francis, because he will have to overcome hard trials during his pontificate. The evil emissaries infiltrated in The Holy See of Peter will test him; the emissaries want to modernize my Son’s church, and introduce new changes in the Holy Mass celebration.

My little children do prayer’s chain for the pope does not make these changes that would be nefarious for the catholic world. These changes would open the gates of false ecumenism that will bring the pagan doctrine, and with it the collapse of the Catholic Church Doctrine. All this would be the beginning of the schism, and you know the consequences that will bring to the catholic world. Pray for these changes do no happen during the pontificate of Pope Francis.

The enemies of my Son’s church will give known very soon, by their fruits you will know who they are. Everything is planned by the evil emissaries inside of Vatican for that my Son’s church begins its Calvary. The event that will move the church’s foundations is about to happen, and will make many falter their faith and will turn away from my son.

Little children, by very hard that the purification of the church can be, stand firm in faith and pray for it. The church is my Son, and you are His mystical body, do not abandon it, make prayer’s chain, know that all this is part of its purification which is necessary for the rebirth of a new church.

Today I am crying, my little children, for very soon my Son’s church will be betrayed by many of its hierarchs that yesterday swore be faithful. The betrayal that my Son will suffer through His church, will be worst that Judas’ betrayal, everything have to fulfill as it is written, but overwhelms me pain and sorrow seeing the deceit and hypocrisy of many purple ones. The church’s purification is on its way, Cyreneans help it to carry its cross for its Calvary can be less painful. After the storm will come the calm, and the beginning of a new church which will be poor, humble, simple but full of charismas, and totally given to the service of the children of God.

My Father’s Peace be with you, my little faithful children, I love you, thy mother, Mary Mystical Rose.

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