Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Urgent Appeal of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to the Children of God.

All Who Are in Mortal Sin when the Warning Comes Will Feel the Fires of Hell in Your Soul and the Pain of Condemned Souls!


Little children of my heart, may the peace of God be with you all.

The day when you will render accounts to my Father for all your acts and deeds in this world is close. Little children, consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart so that your passage through eternity is more bearable. All my devotees count with the intercession and assistance of this Mother upon their arrival before the presence of the Most High. At the time of the great tribulation I will cover you with my mantle my children consecrated yourselves to my Immaculate Heart; my consecration will be your shield, none of my consecrated ones will be lost, no evil force can harm them. These are my promises of protection and assistance in this world and in eternity, for all my children consecrated to my Immaculate Heart.

Little children, those of you who have not yet consecrated yourselves to my heart, do it as soon as possible, for the time of the Great Warning is very close. Delay not your consecration, and remember to extend it to your relatives so my protection can also reach them. To those who already are consecrated, I ask that you renew it to reinforce your protection and your votes.

Children, many souls will not stand the test of eternity, pray for them so they can repent in this world and to find mercy when called before the presence of God. For other souls the passage through eternity will be very painful, because they have not made good life confessions; for the vast majority of humanity distant from God, the passage through eternity will be their worst nightmare. All those who are in mortal sin when the Warning comes, will feel in your soul the fires of hell and the pain of the condemned souls. They will know hell and will end up at the place of torment that would correspond if at that moment they would die. They will know the pain of souls in the absence of God and will be tormented by the demons cause of this misfortune. Poor souls, they know not what awaits them in eternity; they continue their mad rush of debauchery and sin in this world and the call of God will come and they will be lost forever.

Reckon unruly children, return to God as soon as possible, now that you still have life! Come to one of my favorite children and confess all your sins, repent from the heart so that you may obtain mercy, and will not have to wail at the time of your trial. Hasten to settle your accounts in order, for the trial of nations is near. Procrastinate not your salvation, remember that many will not return to this world and you can be among them. Again I tell you do good life confessions, that you may be justified by divine justice and that upon return, you may be part of God's chosen people.

Little children, come and visit me in my sanctuaries that you may receive abundant graces to serve you tomorrow in your path through eternity. For every visit you do to my sanctuaries, you will receive plenary indulgences that will serve you for your salvation. Your Mother will be pleased to see you and thank you and will take it into account when you present yourselves before the Supreme Court. I wait for you in my sanctuaries, my heart leaps with joy for your company. I love you, the Immaculate Heart of your Mother Mary.

Little children of my heart, make my messages known.

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