Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Urgent Appeal of the Sacramental Jesus to the Catholic World.

A Great Division Within My Church is Coming!


My children, peace to you.

Tough tests await my church and my Vicar, the heretical doctrine of liberation that many of my Crimson ones practice is emerging in the Vatican. A great division within my church is coming. My crimson ones are divided into two camps, one in favor of the traditionalists and others in favor of the reformists. My Church will be divided and my Vicar will have to make tough and firm decisions and thus endanger his life.

The scandals within my church will be an embarrassment to the Catholic world. The rotten pot is about to be uncovered, pedophilia, homosexuality, corruption, debauchery and ecclesiastical Masonry, will be discovered and shown to the public. A large number of Catholics will lose faith by the scandals, others will join the rebels, and many others will remain firm to the Pope and the doctrine of the Church. My Vicar will be slandered and put on the public gallows, all this is part of the montage to destabilize the foundations of my church and make many lose faith and turn away from it.

My children support my Vicar with your prayers, fastings, desires and penances; believe not the lies, or the discrediting plan carried out against my Vicar. I have given Pope Francis the character of my Paul, so he can guide the destinies of my Church in these times of confusion and apostasy; I have placed it him as the cornerstone, for him to be way and salvation for many, and slips and falls for others. The scandals within my church will afflict all my houses world wide, Rome will plunder into chaos, disobedience and anarchy will take over my sacred precincts and my Vicar suffer exile. This will be the biggest pain my church will suffer during these last days. From exile my Vicar will direct the destiny of my Church, many cardinals, bishops, priests, and religious men and women will be martyred for defending the doctrine of the Church, their blood will be my blood with which I will cleanse it.

O my people, wear sackcloth, fast, pray and do penance, because my Church will be abused and defiled by many of its favorite sons, who yesterday swore allegiance and who tomorrow will betray and deliver it into the hands of my adversary. All the confusion within my church will be used by my adversary to sit in the Chair of Peter, and be proclaimed as the expected messiah by the rebels.

My children pay no attention to the campaign to dishonor my Vicar, remember that everything is part of the Masonic plan to destroy my Church. Support my Vicar for him to remain firm against the attacks that are about to start and that would lead my church into a schism and the loss of faith of millions of souls. The foundation of my church will tremble, but the power of prayer of my faithful children and the power of my Holy Spirit will hold them steady, so that the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Many of my favorite children will turn their backs on me, and leave my Houses to join the rebels and form new churches, I will not be there. My houses will be closed for a while and then be usurped and sullied by the rebels in the service of my adversary. Everything will change, my houses will no longer be my dwelling, and become polytheistic centers where pagan gods will be worshiped. My remaining churches will be places where I will remain, you will find me there and together we will build a new humble, simple, poor and dedicated church totally at the service of my people. My beloved Church will be adorned and dressed as a bride to meet his savior. My peace I leave you, my peace I give you. Repent, for the kingdom of God is near. Your Teacher and Shepherd, Jesus in the Sacrament.

Make my salvation message known to all mankind.

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