Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yahweh’s Sabaoth, Lord of Hosts, Urgent Call to All Humankind.

Fire from Heaven Draws Close to Earth and Men of Science Will Not Be Able to Stop It, Because It is God’s Justice Who Sends It!


Fire from heaven draws close to earth and men of science will not be able to stop it because it is God’s Justice who sends it! The fall of this giant fireball creates a great commotion in earth; seas will agitate, and huge waves will cause destruction and desolation in many nations. The core of the Earth will suffer large changes that make the continents displace, the earth will groan and stagger voicing its pain. Everything will change in a split of second and nothing will be as before.

Men will go crazy and run from side to side, looking for a safe place and will not find it. My earth will be unstable and its rotation will go crazy, producing earthquakes, tsunamis and drastic climatic phenomena never before seen by mankind. Many places will be converted in deserts by the sun that makes it unlivable. Snowing in places where it should not snow and torrential and acid rains will flood the earth.

Men will wonder: "what it is going on? Is this the end?” and the sky will answer: No, It is not the end, but the beginning of the birth paths of creation! Nothing will serve you to hide yourselves in the time of My Divine Justice; she, My Justice is inexorable, just and righteous and knows no mercy, coming to restore order and law in all corners of earth. Your laments and pleas no longer will be heard, the time of mercy has passed, and you refused to welcome it. "It is too late for you, fools and senseless, there is no turning back!”

Listen inhabitants of Earth: This is I, Your Celestial Father, who speaks and says: Soon retake the path of your salvation, stay with your lamps burning, because it draws close the great and dreadful day of the Lord! Hasten, the hour is close, the horse riders are approaching, and the seals are opening! Woe, who can resist the day of my just Wrath? Sinners run to put your accounts in order because the fire from heaven is approaching! Wake up from your spiritual lethargy for you may be justify and have no to lament when the fire of my justice arrive!

I announce inhabitants of Earth that is near the day of my just wrath; do not lose more of the little time left to go in search of things of the world! Leave the concerns and worries, and seek God with sincere heart, for it is close the day that you will cry out asking my mercy and will not find some. And then lament for not listening to me in this time that still left mercy.

Inhabitants of Earth do not ignore my words; do not put it in doubt for I AM THAT I AM the Alpha and Omega, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who speaks. These are the last calls that I make before it reaches the time of my divine justice Take advantage of the little time that still left to put your accounts in order and repair for all your sins committed against my precepts.


Make known my messages in all ends of earth.

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