Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Friday, January 24, 2014

Jesus’s, the Eternal High Priest, Urgent Call to His Beloveds (Priests).

My Eyes Shed Blood’s Tears and My Body Relives Its Calvary by Every Priest and Minister of My Church Who is Lost!


May my peace be with you; beloved sons.

Apostasy has entered into my church, many of you, my beloveds not longer believe in the mystery of transubstantiation of my Body and Blood; celebrating my Holy Sacrifice just to comply the corresponding schedule for My Masses. In the homilies, not longer are calling for conversion and repentance; many of my beloveds no longer hear my children in confession or if they do, they are hurriedly confessing. My gospel is not explained by many of my beloveds to my people; my gospel speaks about the existence of hell and demons, but it is omitted in many of my houses, the Holy Sacrifice of Mass is trimmed. There are celebrations which barely lasts fifteen minutes.

Many of my children are losing their faith by the negligence and lack of commitment of some of my shepherds; pastors who are in the wrong vocation and in many cases they are not interested to shepherd my flock, but profiting financially. Poor shepherds, I will ask them to accounts in the eternity for all their outrages and lack of charity to me and my sheep! Thousands of my priests and ministers of my church have been condemned by their infidelity and lack of commitment with my gospel and the doctrine of my church.

My people are thirsty of my word and they perish for lack of knowledge. O unfaithful shepherds of my church, whom are very relaxed, you are forgetting the commitment that you acquired with me and my people when you were ordered! What have you done with your priestly vows? The comfort, the modernist, disobedience, and sexual impurity have taken over many of you. It hurts me and saddens me to see many seminaries and convents which have been taken over by the Asmodeus spirit.

Impurity scandals in the interior of my church are finishing with priestly vocations; many of my beloveds, by their lows instinct and passions, rend my flesh and they make me pour out abundantly blood. Each scandal in the interior of my church is a scourging that my body receives. O, how much hurts me to see the ingratitude, disobedience and impurity of many of my beloveds! My eyes shed blood’s tears and my body relives its Calvary by every priest and minister of my church who is lost!

My people pray for my priests and ministers of my church who turned away from me! Make fasting and penances for they salvation. The easy life and the modernism of this time are deviating the way of many of my priests and ministers. In many countries, the church is deviating the way of gospel, the modernism has entered in it, and it is dragging many of my beloveds to perdition.

Beloveds sons, it hurts me and saddens me to see how some European countries are being modified my houses and converting in cemeteries and deposits of human ashes and my Holy Sacrifice are not longer celebrated. My house is house of prayer and I am God of living, not of dead! Do not profane my houses, unfaithful shepherds, because my houses are not cemeteries; my houses are temples of life where I dwell, and where I spiritually give me to my children! There places to bury dead; do not use my houses for that, respect my churches, because in them, I am alive, real and giving me as spiritual food for my children. Tomorrow when you will be present before me, what will you answer me for the outrages of my houses? Reconsider shepherds of my church, because my temples are not ossuaries to deposit dead matter.

My houses are temples of life and not death!

Your Master, Jesus, the Eternal High Priest.

Make known my messages to all mankind.

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