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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Urgent Appeal of Sanctifying Mary to God’s People.

Be Careful with Angelology, Because Many Are Being Lost by Opening Door to Angels Which Are Not from Heaven!!!


Little children, may the peace of God and this mother’s love always be with you all!

The evil emissaries, here on earth, very soon will unleash the Armageddon. With the war will begin the great spiritual battle and god’s people will be purified; My Father will send you ‘the warning’ amidst purification, so that you can withstand the three and a half years of the antichrist reign. Fear not, my little children, I, your Mother, will take care of my Son’s flock so that no sheep be lost from me; do not grieve, my little children, the days will be of test but if you welcome my motherly protection, nothing will happen you, because I will protect you and I will intercede before My Father for that these days will be more bearable.

Wear the spiritual armor and cover yourselves with the power of the Blood of my Son, so that you can withstand the purification days and may be able to face the evil forces, which are looking for make you lose. Little children, my adversary is dividing and confusing you with lies, creating doubts in my children’s minds so that he leads my children away from salvation path. My children, he is attacking the Precious Blood Devotion of my Son and the Spiritual Armour into making think that these devotions are not coming from God. Beware, my little children, do not let you be deceived! Remember what the God’s Word Says: "For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and produce great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive, if possible, even the elect.” (Matthew 24, 24)

Pay no attention to these lies, do not let you be confused, because all this is part of the destruction plan of my adversary and his earthly agents to divide the people of God and make lose those sheep whose faith is not firm. My adversary detest the Spiritual Armour for he knows that it is a protective cuirass of God’s people and he attacks my Son’s Precious Blood Devotion for the Blood of my Son will defeat him again in these last times, and my Son’s Blood gives you freedom.

Keep all this in mind, and for no reason has doubts about the Power of God through the Armour and the Precious Blood of my Son. Read Matthew 24, where my Son is speaking to His disciples about these last times; read the Word of God to stay firm in faith, in this way, my adversary cannot inject the poison darts of doubt that it is doing great damage and creating confusion in my Son’s flock. Do not judge and do not condemn your brethren, for you well know that there are my adversary attacking and fighting against all God instruments to which the Lord has entrusted missions. Be humble and do not attack one another for that it is what my adversary wants; behave as true children of God, and extend your hand to your brethren, who are being attacked in their faith so they can stand up again and continue with their entrusted missions.

Courage, my children! For you know well that my adversary is cunning and knows your weaknesses; so you must be alert and vigilant, praying at every moment, for the incendiaries darts of the malignant one cannot harm you, remember that the Holy Word says: "But many who are first will be last, and the last will be first.” (Matthew 19, 30). Remain in the Love of God and welcome the instructions that we are sending you through our messengers, compare messages with the Word of God, and thus you will know if these messages are coming from heaven or from my adversary.

Little children, very careful, because new age is the sheepskin of my adversary, which is covered himself to deceive you. All those messages who speak about energies or cosmic forces are not coming from heaven! Be careful with angelology, because many are being lost by opening door to angels which are not from heaven!!! There are myriads of archangels and angels in heaven, but keep in mind, that we have given you to know only three archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael; therefore do not invoke others archangels and angels of light for they are from new age serving my adversary. Wake up, my children, that the children of darkness be not smartest that children of the light.

Thy Mother, who loves you: Sanctifying Mary. Alto de Guarne (Ant.)

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