Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Urgent Call of Mary Mystical Rose to the Sons of God.

The Images of My Adversary Supplanting My Son Have Already Begun to Circulate Throughout the Entire World!


Little children of my heart, may my maternal love and protection be always with you and may the light of the Holy Spirit of God illuminate you.

Little ones, my adversary incarnate is preparing to do his apparition, his emissaries already have in place all the logistics for the show of deception to begin. I want to put you on alert so that you not be drawn after the deceptions, because very soon you will see in the firmament images of my adversary trying to pass himself off as my Son, projected holographically. Millions of my little children will fall for this deception and will follow the false god, spreading throughout the whole world the news that the messiah, long awaited by humanity, is now in your midst. People of God, do not fall for it; you know well that all this is part of my adversary’s deception, who seeks to take possession of the greatest number of souls so as to destroy them!

Remember that my Son will not come to this world in flesh and bone, except in all his splendor and glory after you have been purified; He will dwell with you spiritually in the New and Celestial Jerusalem, where you will be spiritual beings of a nature similar to that of the angels.

My adversary’s images supplanting my Son have started to circulate throughout the whole world. People of God, do not take these images to your homes, because all his propaganda is tainted with occult rituals. These images will come to life in the kingdom of my adversary; stand firm, my little children, in the Faith and do not for any reason let yourselves be seduced by the emissaries of evil that will knock at the door of your homes, giving as a gift the black bible of my adversary together with his images.

What sorrow in my heart of Mother of Humanity to know that many will sell their soul for money! The living room temples where cult will be rendered to my adversary will increase in number and many, for lack of knowledge of the Holy Word of God and his messages, will allow themselves to be dragged by my adversary’s followers. Witchcraft, Satanism and Occultism in all their forms, will propagate and all my adversary’s malice will be commercialized and be freely sold as if it were something normal.

The spiritually sick will meander through the streets and blood will flow in abundance; therefore, my little children, once again I say to you: do not go out without having put on your complete Spiritual Armor (cf Ephesians 6:12), do not forget to extend it to cover your families, so that all may be under divine protection, because you do not know the malice and the malicious forces you may have to face. God‚Äôs creation is starting to be darkened by evil entities that wander already in space. Recollect yourselves in prayer, do not be stubborn, the spiritual battle has begun; pray every moment with ejaculatory prayers to the most Precious Blood of my Son; pray my Holy Rosary as often as you can, call to me saying, "Hail Mary most pure; Mary most Holy, conceived without original sin‚ÄĚ, and my adversary will flee from you.

Little children, every time you feel you’re mind is under attack, say the exorcism prayer of the Precious Blood of my Son; remember that I gave you the gift of two exorcism prayers through my beloved son, Enoch; look for them in the message of July 7 of this year, and memorize them, so that you can battle these malignant forces that seek to control your minds in order to bring you to despair, to rob you of your peace, and to make you lose your souls. Keep in mind, therefore, all these instructions that we are giving you through our messengers, for these times of so much darkness; read the Word of God that you may remain strong in the Faith and thus united in a chain of prayer with the help of the Heavenly Armies and with my protection and intercession, we may extirpate from the face of the earth my enemy and all his evil minions.

May the peace of God accompany you, little children of my heart.

Your Mother who loves you, Mary, Mystical Rose.

Make known these messages of mine to all humanity.

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