Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Jesus ​​The Good Shepherd‘s Appeal to His Pastors.

I Thirst, I Thirst, I Thirst for Souls to Help Me Shepherd My Flock, Because It is Wandering Through This World Confused and Lost Like Sheep Without a Shepherd!


Sheep of my flock, my peace be with you. Loss of faith is overtaking the vast majority; many of my favored sons no longer believe and they question my Divinity. Some celebrate the Holy Sacrifice routinely, just to fulfill their duty. This lack of commitment to the Priestly Ministry and to my Gospel, is causing many of my sheep to depart from the fold and to seek others where there is only confusion; ending up with my sheep being trapped by the wolf.

Woe to the unfaithful shepherds who, knowing the truth, deny it to my flock, because they already have their pay when they get to eternity! Woe to the neglectful shepherds who for convenience or nonchalance do not attend to the bleating of my sheep; I tell you, neither will I listen to you when you call at my door! Woe to the impure shepherds who, with their impurity, pervert my sheep, because I assure you that by not repenting, the fire of hell awaits them! Woe to all those who, by their silence, deny the truth to my flock, because they are equally guilty and if they do not make reparation and repent, they will also receive their pay in eternity! There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

My people are perishing for lack of knowledge. Where are the pastors? Where are the shepherds? I thirst, I thirst, I thirst for souls to help me shepherd my flock, because it is wandering confused and lost through this world like sheep without a shepherd. Rise up, shepherds, and hear my voice, because I am coming to ask for an accounting of my sheepfold! Oh, how much negligence there is today in my church, how much selfishness! Charity has been lost and my sheep walk scattered without anyone to shepherd them. I am overcome with sadness to see my sheep lost through the fault of many of my pastors who walk more concerned about being at banquets and receiving honors from this world, than to shepherd my sheep.

I tell you, if you do not have charity for my sheep, neither will I for you when you present yourself before me. As you treat my flock, so too will you be treated; remember that all are missionaries through baptism. So, exercise this mission, too, and go out to the nations, cities and towns, bringing the Good News of my Gospel. Do not remain quiet. Speak in season and out and tell my people: The Kingdom of God is near. Prepare yourselves because the triumphant return of your Eternal Shepherd is drawing near. Make straight the way, because my next coming is near.

My Peace I leave you, my peace I give you. Repent and convert, for the kingdom of God is near.

Your Master, Jesus the Good Shepherd.

Make known my messages, sheep of my flock.

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