Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, December 19, 2016

Urgent Appeal of Jesus ​​The Good Shepherd to Humanity.

Prepare Yourselves, My Flock, Because the Days to Come Are Ones of Spiritual Combat!


Peace to you sheep of my flock

The days of peace are ending, the days of tribulation are approaching where humanity will no longer be tranquil; many will be lost for not being prepared spiritually. How I wish that this humanity would take shelter in my mercy, but no, the immense majority continue to turn their backs on me and not face me! Others are lukewarm and praise me with their lips and ears, but their hearts are far from Me. Only a small minority put my words into practice and seek me with a sincere heart.

Oh, ungrateful and sinful humanity, if you do not awaken from your lethargy and repent, you are sure to be lost forever! I continue awaiting the sinner patiently to see if, in the last second, he repents and saves his life. I keep looking for him and calling him as the shepherd calls his sheep; I do not want his death nor does it please me to see him suffer. As the good shepherd I will continue to look for the lost sheep and when I find it, I will carry it on my shoulders and I will be glad for its return. The ingratitude and the callousness of this generation of these last times hurt me so! Why are you so indifferent and distant with him who loves you and has given His life for you?

I am faithful to My word and I will wait for you rebellious sheep until the last second of mercy is consummated. My Words are Words of Eternal Life and I do not seek to frighten you with them, nor to create fear; my desire is to make an appeal so that you convert and return once again to my fold. Tend to my appeal, my strayed sheep, I want you to return to my sheepfolds; I cry and I suffer for your loss and I will not rest until I find you. I am your Eternal Shepherd waiting for you to lead you to green meadows and fresh waters where you will satisfy and quench your thirst. Remember that the night is near and that the wolves are prowling, looking to devour my sheep. If you move away from me, you will perish.

Prepare yourselves, my flock, for the days to come are ones of spiritual combat. When you least expect, everything will get out of control and life on earth will no longer be the same. Bad news and tragedies are going to be part of your every day life; only those who persevere, pray and trust will be able to reach Eternal Glory. The time of darkness is approaching and there won’t be peace any longer on earth, nor spaces for coexistence. Humanity will soon feel in its soul and in its flesh the pain that My departure produces. The days are coming when I will pull My Spirit away from you and the vast majority will be left in darkness and will know what it is to live without the Spirit of God. All those who are not prepared spiritually are going to be lost; humanity will walk through the spiritual desert, many will go mad, others will take their own lives and the spirit of evil will put humanity to the test.

Faith, prayer, fasting and trust in God will be the strength of My people. Your faith will be put to the test and the demons will tempt you, seeking your ruin by all means. Fear not, if you remain united to Me and persevere until the end, I assure you that you will end up victorious. So, my flock, be ready and prepared, for the days of trial are near. My Mother will be the Tabernacle where I will remain. She will guide you and be your comfort and shelter in the approaching days of darkness.

My peace I leave you, My peace I give you. Repent and be converted, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Your Teacher, Jesus the Good Shepherd of all times

Sheep of my flock, Make known my messages to all mankind

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