Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, April 16, 2018

Urgent call from Jesus The Good Shepherd to His Flock.

The riders of plague and famine are approaching.


Sheep of My Flock, peace to you.

The riders of plague and famine are approaching; viruses of diseases and plagues are ready to be spread in the airspace of nations called third world by the elites. Millions of human beings are going to die because of the silent death.

The Illuminati elites that guide the destiny of humanity in their secret meetings have already agreed to decimate through the war and through the virus of diseases, a third of the world population.

Diseases never seen before will appear, bacteria that eat meat and viruses of all kinds are already ready; they are only waiting for the war to begin, to set in motion this macabre plan.

Be careful flock of Mine, with the genetic modified food, because this is the cause of many illnesses! All the genetically engineered food products are bad for health; be careful in eating genetically modified foods, because at the time of famine they will be commercialized in quantity and sent to the poorest nations. They want to reduce the population of these nations, in order to have control over them and thus be able to enslave them so that they serve the interests of the New World Order.

I again remind you, flock of mine: beware of vaccines! When you hear about vaccination campaigns worldwide during the time of the war, pay attention and find out about everything, because many of these campaigns will aim to decimate the children population, the elderly and to sterilize men and women so that there is no more population increase. These campaigns will be carried out especially in the nations called third world.

My flock, the days of tribulation await you, I feel great sadness in knowing that the immense majority of this humanity is going to be lost, for not wanting to accept Our calls.

Many for lack of knowledge will be lost too; only My faithful flock that listens to My voice and puts into practice My Words, will be the only one who will be able to overcome these hard trials. When war breaks out worldwide, famine will appear and with it the rider of death.

Be prepared sheep of My Flock, because the final stage of your purification is about to begin. Dark days are about to come, only those who pray and trust, will be able to get past the trials. Remember: If you remain united to Me, like the branch to the vine. you do not have to fear.

I will be with you and I will be your food, your Shepherd, nothing will be lacking, it is enough for you to have faith and trust and everything else will come to you in addition. Learn Psalm 23 by memory, so that in those days of scarcity and famine, pray with It and so you can receive the Manna of each day. Remain in My love, flock of Mine, do not fear, I will be with you until the end of time.

Your Shepherd, Jesus of Nazareth, loves you.

Let My messages be known to all mankind, sheep of My flock.

April 09 of 2018 Urgent call from God the Father to humanity

The Great American Yellow Dragon will bring chaos and desolation

My people, My inheritance, Peace to you.

Everything is in dismay; New Heavens and a New Earth are already in formation. My creation entered the last birth pangs and her groaning, will shake the whole earth.

The fire in sequence of the volcanoes will accelerate its birth and My creation will enter her last contractions. Her pains and woes will purify her and prepare her for the new birth.

Oh great Nation of the Eagle, get ready because the yellow dragon(1) that lies dormant in your ground, is about to wake up! The fire in his mouth is going to shake you all and you will know the pain. Many cities and towns of this great Nation will dress in mourning; the great American yellow dragon will bring chaos and desolation to My creation.

His awakening will awaken the other dragons that lie dormant and the chain of fire will open the entrails of My creation. There will be no place on earth, where the birth pangs will not be felt; the continents will be displaced and many places on earth will disappear.

People of Mine, it hurts and saddens Me as Father, to give you this warning; I do not do it so that you panic, but rather, for you to prepare yourself and thus, you can overcome the days of tribulation that come because of the transformation of My creation.

When the ground begins to move, keep calm, pray and cry out for My Mercy; do not enter fear, because all this writing is and has to be fulfilled; accept My Will with humility, because it is necessary for this to happen, for the rebirth of New Heavens and of a New Earth. Pray and trust in God and not one of your hair will be lost. Only those who pray and trust can overcome this trial.

Unholy nations, the hour of your punishment is coming!

From heaven, fire will fall on you and the groan of My creation, your entrails it will open; of you, there will be no memory left!

However, you are still on time if you repent in your heart and return to Me, I assure you that I will refrain from sending you the punishment. But if you persist in keeping on committing your detestable actions, I assure you that I had more mercy with Sodom and Gomorrah, than I will have with you.

Inhabitants of the earth, My creation is in the last birth pangs.

Prepare yourselves because your groaning and shaking will wake you up from your lethargy. Everything is about to change, contemplate every dawn, dusk and night that you still have left, because very soon everything you know, will disappear.

A New Creation I am going to create the tomorrow's delight of my Chosen People. May your faith and trust in God be the strength that will help you overcome the trials that are about to come.

Do not fear People of Mine, pray and trust, and the shadow of My Cloud will cover you and protect you.

Your Father, Yahweh, Lord of Creation

Make My messages known to all humanity, people of Mine.

(1) Yellowstone super volcano.

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