Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Friday, October 9, 2020

Call of God the Father to His Faithful People. Message to Enoch

Rejoice, My People, for the Glory of God Awaits You in the New Heavens and the New Earth, Which I Will Create for Your Delight!


My people, My peace be with you

My children, mankind is about to enter the time of the great purification, where sorrows and pains will be the common of those days. Events never seen before by any eye in heaven and earth, you are going to witness; the transformation of the universe is going to make your planet suffer great changes that will affect the life of all creatures. The natural disasters that will occur on earth because of the transformation of the universe will be one of the great trials that you will have to go through.

Many places on earth will disappear, cities and towns will cease to be; the waters of the sea will go mad and many coastal regions will disappear. Loud sounds like trumpets will be heard in the sky and the immense majority of this ungrateful and sinful mankind will panic. The sun and moon will become dark and the stars will lose their brightness. (Joel, 3. 15) The stars will be shaken and the rotation of the earth will accelerate. In many places the earth's ecosystem will change, causing forests, jungles, fauna and flora to disappear.

The transformation of the universe will give rise to a New Creation, a New Heaven and a New earth, which will be inhabited by My faithful People. When the earth begins to groan with its last pains of birth, do not panic, My people; pray and praise the glory of God and you will find in prayer and praise, peace, serenity and hope. Prepare yourselves, inhabitants of the earth, for the transformation of the universe will change the course of your life. Everything will be renewed in Heaven and Earth, the New Creation will be spiritual and inhabited by spiritual beings. My People purified by purification will be renewed, and My Divine Essence will transform My Children into spiritual beings of similar nature to that of My Angels.

Rejoice, My People, because the Glory of God waits for you in the New Heavens and on the New Earth, which I will create for your delight. Do not be afraid, My people, in the trials that will come to you, keep calm and put your faith and trust in your Heavenly Father, and everything will pass according to My will. Not one of your hairs will be lost if you remain united to God in the trials that lie ahead; remember, your pain, suffering and purification in trials is nothing compared to the Glory, Joy, Peace and Fullness that awaits you in My New Creation.

Stay in My Peace, My people, My inheritance

Your Father, Yahweh, Lord of Creation

Make known My messages of salvation to all ends of the earth, My children.

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