Marian Revelations to Luz de Maria, Argentina


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Divine Confidences of Our Lord Jesus Christ


Beloved daughter, Our Lord says to me ...

I see him with His white Tunic and a gold linen garment crossed from the Shoulder down, tied on the side around the waist with a white cord. His loose, wavy hair moves with the wind. His eyes looks fixedly at me, the clear honey color of His eyes captivates me with their form delineated so perfectly that I immediately recall the eyes of His Mother: they almost form the figure of an almond. The eyes of Christ are bigger than those of Our Mother, His nose is unmistakable: long but with strongly marked masculine features, His cheeks and skin as if tanned by the resplendent sun until they attain the brightness necessary for Him to be distinguished as the Man-God...

Christ opens His mouth and a little beard covers His chin up to the lower lip, and He says to me: Daughter, look at the Earth. And the globe appears in the distance: I can distinguish some continents. My eyes are fixed properly on the Earth and Christ tells me: do not look at the terrestrial ball, see what human creatures are doing. See Humanity's upheaval, see the countries and how agitated they are. In that instant, the Earth comes closer to me and I see how in many countries there are demonstrations, persecutions, protests, and we hear some people discussing a large amount of money that will be the payment for a very delicate job against a president.

Christ says to me: Let us continue, daughter; be aware of the upheaval on the social, political, religious and all the other levels in which is found, since behind each protest is a reason, and that reason is not given by those who protest, but by men in high positions who pay money so that some men be tasked with raising their voices and promoting uprisings among the Nations.

Going around the Earth, in the area of Lebanon, various victims of oppression can be heard, a product of the tendencies towards and beliefs in man's dominion over woman. Christ looks at me with His disfigured Face and it is impossible not to feel that pain of His, reaches the center of the heart, and this pain is shared, not being harbored within the Redeemer but given ad extra in the face of unjust suffering.

And I witness something special: Creation, which retains that Divine imprint with which it was created, reacts, and there is a silence of perhaps just an instant, but it seems like a long time. Silence - everything becomes silent and Creation seems to direct its gaze, as it were, towards Our Lord, and there is an unusual movement: the wind is more intense, the surging of the sea accelerates, the Earth itself moves, and I am watching from close up and feel the Earth vibrate. Brothers and sisters, this is the reaction of the Creation to the pain of our Lord and Savior.

Christ says to me: Beloved, you have seen and heard how the Creation reacts to the pain caused by My children. Think: when there is so much evil coming out of man that clouds the Earth, how the whole Creation reacts. It is not My Justice towards man but man's evil work and action that like a magnet draws the reaction to man himself.

The Earth has aged and this aging has been accelerated by man's evil; cruelty leads Earth to suffer more than necessary. Plans devised by those who have taken possession of the Earth and who believe that they mark Human destiny, are launching against all Humanity its silent but lethal weapons, using man against man himself, stirring up minds so that crazed thoughts come to plague My children, and they believe that they are defending themselves when they are coming to where that perverse elite has planned to take them.

Ah! How these henchmen of the antichrist will mourn, for they will be made to suffer and mourn by the betrayal of that same antichrist, who will not want anyone to remain alive who could be a rival for him! Those who at this instant are launching persecutions against My People will then be made to suffer by the same antichrist.

Christ says to me: Beloved, look: My children do not seem to be human creatures endowed with will and understanding; they do not learn anything from the evil they have experienced, nor are they able to prevent future evils by being unbelieving and disobedient.

Beloved, I have already instructed you in the need to grow in Love and not behave like the beasts. Tell your brothers and sisters that you have to excel in the spiritual realm, but in order to initiate this process of radical change, you have to draw closer to Me and to turn away from what is worldly.

Humanity will be brought to a state of maximum degeneration, the unthinkable will become reality and ... I will be more and more ashamed of man.

My daughter: man, living in community, takes as a model the ungodliness in which some of his brothers are living, and in order not to be rejected, they accept ungodliness and cruelly apply it in order to make themselves stand out, so that fear is unknown to them. Human madness is acting and working in a manner contrary to Our


At this instant, man has adhered to evil and this provides him with elements that man needs in order to continue in the struggle against Me: harmful elements for endangering the Salvation of the soul.

The possession of what is not necessary makes man into a being destined to live his life without his brothers intervening, increasing man's "ego"; the "ego" overcomes man and deforms him without man realizing it.

Beloved, how many are the men for whom I provide more than they need in order for them to remember Me, and when they see that they are on top, they forget Me and the "ego" of their being motivates them to reach for more and more and even leads them to stop believing in Me!'

Christ goes from looking at Humanity from the outside, and I see Him inside a man; He speaks to me and says: I am imprisoned, I cannot breathe, I am unknown, rejected. This creature has banished Me and his needs are contrary to My Love. I hear Christ but do not see Him: I only hear His broken voice and beg Him to come out.

He answers me: This is My House and this King is not wanted. This creature of Mine has denied the knowledge of My Will, he has learnt some prayers by heart and with them he believes that he is saved, without works of charity or love of neighbor, refusing assistance to the sick ... You dedicate your lives to the god of money and deny Me assistance for the hungry. You say that evil does not exist, living immersed in evil; you harm yourselves being intoxicated with lust, you accumulate disobedience, conceit, and you refuse Me Love.

Beloved: am I worthy of this? And I answer him: No, My Lord, you are not worthy of this!

Christ answers me: This generation will merit what it is drawing to itself: it limits Me to a few prayers that are not born of the heart but from repetition, without knowing what they are saying, without commitment ...

They come to receive me with the pretension of thereby gaining Heaven, without repenting of their improper acts ...

They do not believe in My Law, they apply it at their whim and their convenience, they read Holy Scripture and interpret it at their convenience. What sorrow! - the Divine Law reduced by man to a mere interpretation; My Word is disregarded and reduced to repetition that prevents man from entering into Me and knowing Me from within the human being where I can be found ...

My Church allows Me to be reduced to modernism; they are accustomed to saying that Revelation finished with Holy Scripture, but in this instant, they change the Law contained in Holy Scripture.

Christ speaks strongly, but always maintaining Divine Love within Him. Then He says to me: Beloved, the preludes to what is to come are strong as a storm, but My children then become hardened and live in the storm as if the times were normal. Until another stronger storm comes, like the one that is approaching for My Church, and then, when they do not have Me nearby as at this instant because I will have been hidden, then My children will groan and cry to Heaven, trying to find me, and I will say to them: do not shout, I have always remained here within you!

Pray, My children, pray for Germany, it will suffer at the hands of terror.

Pray, My children, pray for Costa Rica, it will be shaken.

Pray, My children, pray for Italy, it suffers the consequences of men's bad behavior. This land shakes.

Pray for My children, pray for Spain, the pain will take innocents with it.

See, children, a man's pride will bring pain to Humanity.

Tell your brothers and sisters to instruct themselves in My Love, but above all in the fulfillment of the Divine Law


Tell them to receive Me worthily ...

Tell them that My true instruments are those that do not call themselves indispensable, because they recognize My Supremacy over every human creature ...

Tell them that the wolves in sheep's clothing call themselves the owners of what is Mine; they nail those who listen to them to their instrument's personal cross in order for them not to leave them alone.

No instrument is the master of history, neither does a single one possess all Revelation, nor can one call oneself a knower of all Truth, since only My Father knows the date and hour of events. Therefore, I could not reveal without My Father's express order that which is My Father's Will. My instruments are important, each one is like the finger of My Hand. Do not forget that I AM WHO I AM (Ex 3,14) and that man is man.

Tell them to open their minds and in this they will awaken to great realities that will lead them to be My true children, loving My Divine Way and attaining through Love a Wisdom closer to My House and further from the world ...

Beloved, come, rest, without ceasing to intercede for Humanity. Humility is the center of the virtues of My children whom I love.

Receive My Peace.

Your Jesus


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