Messages to Marcos Tadeu Teixeira in Jacareí SP, Brazil


Sunday, June 26, 2022

Apparition and Message of Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace

Open Your Hearts to My Flame of Love, and You Will See How Many Wonders I Will Accomplish in Your Lives


JACAREÍ, JUNE 26, 2022




(Mary Most Holy): "Dear children, today I come again from Heaven to tell you: I am the Queen of Peace!

Come to Me all those who want peace and I will give it to you.

Come to Me all you who are weary and tired of this world, and I will give you peace.

Come to Me, all you who are tired of the falsehood, the wickedness, the coldness of this world, and I will give you My peace.

Open your hearts to My peace, and then I will pour into your hearts My peace, which will fill your hearts: with joy, with light, with grace, with endless blessing.

Open your hearts to My Flame of Love, and you will see how many wonders I will accomplish in your lives.

My Flame of Love seeks hearts similar to the heart of My son Marcos, hearts similar to his: hearts that welcome My Flame of Love, that want My Flame of Love, that desire it with all their strength.

If My Flame of Love finds such hearts, it will accomplish the greatest wonders since the Word became flesh.

Yes, if My Flame of Love finds hearts that are docile and hungry for it, like the heart of My little son Marcos, then My Flame of Love will work miracles, great wonders that will amaze all of humanity, such will be the wonders that My maternal love will work.

What so often prevents the advance of My plans in the world is that I do not find souls who desire My Flame of Love. There are no apostles, no souls who want to act and work with My Flame of Love.

I give My love to humanity, but it does not respond. Souls receive so much from Me, but they don't want My Flame of Love, they don't want to correspond to My love by welcoming My Flame of Love.

But if a docile soul opens up and wants to welcome My Flame of Love as My little son Marcos did, then I will give her all My love and with this love she will have the strength to pray like never before, to work like never before for the Lord and for Me. She will have the strength to fight like never before for the salvation of souls. She will have the strength to suffer everything for the salvation of souls. She will have the strength to be like My little son Marcos: everything for Me, everything for God, everything for souls.

Yes, if My Flame of Love finds a docile soul hungry for My love like that of My little son Marcos, I will give that soul My Flame of Love; she will then know My love as he knew it, and will be able to radiate this love with which she will attract all souls to Me, even the most hardened ones.

And then, finally, the empire, the kingdom of Satan which is the kingdom of coldness, of indifference and of lack of love will fall to the ground. And a new kingdom will arise, the kingdom of My Heart, the kingdom of the Heart of My son Jesus: which is the kingdom of peace, the kingdom of love.

Yes, if I find docile hearts hungry for My Flame of Love like the heart of My little son Marcos, I will give those souls My Flame of Love with such potency and strength, that those souls will set the whole world on fire with that Flame of Love. Then from all hearts and lips will come forth the most perfect and beautiful song of love to God and also to Me, the Mother of you all.

What causes Satan to destroy so many things in the world and causes wars to advance and apostasy to advance is that there are no souls in the world filled with My Flame of Love.

Oh, yes! If there are such souls full of love, they will stop Satan's plans and break them to pieces.

Yes, there must be souls full of the Flame of Love! How My Heart desires those souls! I search every day for those souls, but I cannot find them.

Let the generous souls rise up, the souls who truly desire to dedicate their lives entirely to Me to spread My Flame of Love and make My love triumph on earth.

Yes, truly My little son Marcos has spoken the truth: this place, this Shrine is Mary, Mary is love and love is God. And he who has love has God. And he who does not have love does not have God and has not known God, because God is love.

Become better people by creating in your hearts true love and letting My Flame of Love enter your hearts. Only then, My children, will you be true children of Mine and witness to all the world of My love.

Then, hearts will easily unite to Me, will desire My love, will give themselves to Me without resistance, and then, My Immaculate Heart will finally triumph.

The nations will have no peace until they accept My Flame of Love, and you, too, will have no peace in your hearts until you accept My love. Let yourselves be loved by Me, let yourselves be invaded and taken over by My love.

Create in your hearts true love with good feelings, practice kindness and charity to your neighbor and never, never give up even if the world remains hard for this love. Especially you My little son Marcos, do not be discouraged in front of those souls who reject the love that you radiate, that you offer, that you give. They are souls unworthy of your love, get up go ahead and keep giving this supernatural love, this agape love, this My Flame of Love that you have to the souls who want this love and who make themselves worthy of this love.

Yes, My son also offered his love to many souls, to many people, but they didn't want it. Judas, was one of those souls. My son gave all his love to Judas, I did too, he was one of the twelve who received the most, and yet he paid it all back with ingratitude and did not accept our love.

That rich young man too, My son offered His love to him, but he would not. Also, He offered His love to the young man who said to Him, Lord, let Me bury My father then I will follow You. And that young man did not want Jesus' love.

There are many souls who will not want this love, this agape love in pure transformation that I have put in your heart and that you offer. Forget, leave those souls behind, and keep going forward without getting discouraged, showing all the sweetness, all the beauty, all the strength of love, because the world will be saved by love. And only when they accept love will the men of this generation be saved, the nations of this time will be saved.

Yes, everything has already been tried to save the world, everyone has sought war, money, power, entertainment, pleasures and so many other things to lead men to true peace and happiness. All have failed.

Only love can save the world, and he who welcomes Me, will welcome the love that will save the world. Because I am love, I am the Mother of Love and I have come from Heaven to teach you: to pray with love, to suffer with mor, to fight with love, to live with love and to win with love.

Therefore, everyone who welcomes Me, who welcomes My Flame of Love lives in love and lives in God and God lives in this heart. I only live in hearts that have love. So pray that hearts will open to Me, open to love, so that I can live in them forever and reign by doing the greatest wonders.

The Triumph of My Heart will be the triumph of love, it will be the triumph of the heart on fire with love, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, My Heart.

Yes, I have said this so many times. The triumph of My Heart will be the complete victory of My Flame of Love. So, welcome My love, let My love enter, and then, My Heart will soon triumph.

You have asked Me beloved son of Mine, if the number of souls that is needed for the fulfillment of the Secrets has been completed yet. Oh, no! There are not even a third of souls converted yet, because the souls do not accept this love that I came from Heaven to offer, that I came from Heaven to provide and to teach everyone.

Only when souls accept this love will the number of the elect be complete. So, pray, pray the Rosary without rest, so that this number may be completed and finally the Secrets will happen and My Heart will triumph, freeing the whole world from the dominion of evil and Satan.

Pray the meditated Rosary No. 42 for 4 days in a row for this intention. Give Rosary No. 42 to 5 of My children who do not have it, so that they may meditate on the messages it contains and be converted.

Also give the Hour of the Saints #21 so that they may meditate on the messages contained therein and My children will know the road of salvation that they must follow.

My son you offered for Me today the merits of the film Voices from Heaven #11 throughout the day and also the merits of the meditated Rosary #56, 59, 247 and 288.

You offered for your father Carlos Tadeu, for 2 people in particular, and for My children who are here. Well, I now pour upon him, upon his father 3,890,000 (Three million, eight hundred and ninety thousand) blessings.

For those who are here I now give 2878 blessings, and on the 2 people for whom you especially offered I now pour 848 blessings, who will receive again this year on October 18.

To all I bless with love now: from Pontmain, from Pellevoisin, from Medjugorje and from Jacareí."


(Blessed Mary): "As I have already said, wherever one of these holy objects arrives, there I will be alive with St. Michael and St. Raphael carrying the great graces of the Lord.

To all I bless again that they may be happy and I leave My peace. Peace, go in the peace of the Lord."

"I am the Queen and Messenger of Peace! I have come from Heaven to bring peace to you!"

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