Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, August 1, 2004

The Souls Go Down into the Abyss


My son: here in the silence of your room, as life passes, the world is becoming a great pit; souls descend into the abyss; into the dead-end pit. Death is the seal of many of my children; the world has become cold in charity, in love, in works; people go their own way, they have no time to look at the work of God; selfishness, greed and the lust for power together with the lack of forgiveness, are making of my creation, a valley of weeping, death and desolation. Throughout the history of humanity, men have distinguished themselves, not by their peace, but by their wars; violence has formed chains and barriers of separation; death, violence, pride, arrogance and above all spiritual death, which is a total distancing from the precepts of God, have unleashed the most atrocious bloodshed, staining with their acts and their violence the spirit of the earth. From parents far from God is born a sad fruit, the chain of coldness and rejection, is in man from the moment of conception; as are the parents so are the children, unless they are converted. The cleansing of the spirit begins at home. Love, dialogue and good manners should be food for the soul. Prayer and respect for God and the fulfillment of his precepts must be food for the spirit.

Men, poor humanity, have not understood that wealth does not lie in accumulating material goods, but rather in keeping a perfect balance between body, soul and spirit; from there emanates true human wealth. The earth can no longer bear so much violence, so much degradation. My Creation is being endangered by the lack of love and of God. If man loved, the earth would be a paradise, because everything that God created, keeps the symphony of love. Love and respect, together with obedience to the divine precepts, are the key to a perfect communion between man, the earth and God; but man, by breaking one of these elements, produces an imbalance that is leading humanity today to its own death and destruction. For mankind does not want to return to the love that is GOD and that is given by GOD; when there is that communication of obedience, respect and fulfillment of the divine commands, what the scriptures say, "God is among you" is fulfilled.

I will no longer allow injustices, nor that my name and my creation be defiled; the time of God has already been fulfilled for the inhabitants of the earth; make chains of prayer and sacrifices, so that the punishment will not be greater, because the fate of the 2/3 parts of humanity is cast. If you pray, fast and dress in sackcloth like the city of Nineveh, I will have compassion and will not punish them as it is written; otherwise I will rain fire from heaven, which will wipe the vast majority from the face of the earth.

For in Sodom and Gomorrah was not seen the spiritual, social and moral rottenness that is seen today on earth. If I wiped these two cities from the face of the earth, how much more will I not do today with so much spiritual misery and so much sin that frightens even the very hells. Do you want life, Love, serve, and forgive and most importantly, obey and listen to the voice of the Lord your God; otherwise I will put an end to every seed of wickedness, so that the righteous will fall in the pruning.

I am burning with zeal for my creation. I will forget my mercy and faithfulness so that it will be my justice that restores order and right.

Think well then my children and decide for the path of justice, order and right, as well as respect for your brethren and your creator; otherwise you will be chaff that will burn in the fire of my justice.


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